Welcome to Rachel Wanders!

A wanderluster traveling the world looking for the tastiest gluten-free restaurants, cafes, and bars.

My name is Rachel. I work to live, live to travel, and travel to eat! My love for travel & food, and writing about the two, helped me to create this blog in order to interact with all other fellow travelers and gluten-free foodies.

I decided to opt for a gluten-free lifestyle after suffering from terrible headaches, low energy, and stomach issues. I’ve been gluten-free since 2012 and couldn’t imagine going back! Living in the midwest offers very few gluten-free options, so after moving to Colorado, I was excited to see how forward-thinking the food industry was in Colorado.

This blog is about the places I travel to and the delicious gluten-free food I indulge in on these travels. I hope you enjoy!

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