Costa Rica

Gluten-Free Guide: Best Gluten-Free Restaurants in Costa Rica’s Costa Ballena Region

When it comes to “the simple life”, Costa Rica has it figured out! Pura Vida, or Pure Life/Simple Life, is a lifestyle I wish everyone in the world, especially American’s, could emulate. I first had the pleasure of visiting Costa Rica in 2008. This was my first international trip, let alone my first ride in …

Costa Rica

COVID-19 Travel Guide From the United States to Costa Rica

¬°Pura Vida! This frequently used Costa Rican phrase translates in English to “pure life” and my oh my what, what a pure life Costa Ricans and their roughly 3 million tourists each year can live out to the fullest. This was my first time traveling internationally since COVID stuck and I could not have been …


Amalfi Coast, Italy Honeymoon Must-Do’s

The Amalfi Coast is a lover’s paradise. Tucked away on the Western coast of Italy, South of Naples, the Amalfi Coast offers a variety of romantic destinations to please any budget. From five-star hotels with Michelin star dining to affordable Airbnb rentals for a more laid back feel, this honeymoon destination was the highlight of our 10-day honeymoon adventure through Italy.

Italy Praiano

Gluten-Free Guide: Best Gluten-Free Restaurants in Praiano, Italy

Praiano? You may be wondering where this gluten-free destination is located. This quaint fishing village is one of several romantic Amalfi Coast towns located just a short thirty-minute bus ride from Positano. Now, I wouldn’t call Praiano the gluten-free capital of Italy, but just like many destinations in Italy, Praiano’s restaurants do offer gluten-free dining options.

Italy Rome

Gluten-Free Guide: Best Gluten-Free Restaurants in Rome, Italy

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. And boy, Romans love to eat! The city of Rome is a mecca for culinary wonders. From original pastries and pasta dishes to literally the best pizza you’ll ever taste, Rome will gladly awaken your taste buds. Check out our blog on the best gluten-free restaurants in Rome, Italy.

Florence Italy

Gluten-Free Guide: Best Gluten-Free Restaurants in Florence, Italy

Visiting Florence, Italy soon and wondering what the top gluten-free restaurants are? Be sure to keep your eye out for the country’s gluten-free symbol, AiC (Italian Celiac Association), as any restaurant with this label has been certified as gluten-free. After extensive research and experiencing these amazing restaurants on our own, here are our recommendations for top gluten-free restaurants in Florence, Italy: