Praiano? You may be wondering where this gluten-free destination is located. This quaint fishing village is one of several romantic Amalfi Coast towns located just a short thirty-minute bus ride from Positano.

Now, I wouldn’t call Praiano the gluten-free capital of Italy, but just like many destinations in Italy, Praiano’s restaurants do offer gluten-free dining options.

Che Bonta

Che Bonta was a lifesaver for me during our five-day Amalfi Coast honeymoon. Che Bonta creates delicious pizza combinations that can be made with a gluten-free crust. We probably had their pizza four out of the five days we stayed in Praiano. The pizza itself is affordable and perfect as an afternoon snack on your way back from the beach.

Situated on the main road in the center of Praiano, this restaurant offers up great ocean views towards Positano as well as people watching on the road below. Their outdoor seating is comfortable and relaxed.


Kasai was a dream. The quality and ambiance this restaurant displayed was a delight to end the last night of our stay in Praiano. It sits high up on the cliffs of the Amalfi Coast with outdoor seating overlooking the ocean. Reservations are required for dinner, so keep this in mind! Kasai is not labeled a gluten-free Praiano restaurant, but they do provide gluten-free pasta options. The service was nothing to be desired, but I won’t discount their effort.

To start we ordered a bottle of wine, followed by our pasta dishes and a steak dish. We, unfortunately, received our pasta before our wine and then our steak dish never came. We were offered the steak dish as a courtesy but declined. While the forgetting of a dish and our wine was a little offputting, they certainly made up for it with the two pasta dishes we were able to enjoy.

We selected the truffle pasta because the reviews online were all about this dish and I was on a huge truffle quick during our honeymoon in Italy. We also chose the shrimp linguine. Both dishes were exceptional. The truffle pasta was probably my favorite meal on our entire trip. It was creamy, fresh, rich, and decadent. It was such an experience eating truffle in Italy and it not cost an exorbitant amount! The shrimp linguine included a squid ink sauce, but wasn’t overly fishy tasting because my husband loved it!

I wish we would’ve had the chance to enjoy our meal properly with wine first, pasta, then the steak dish, but we would still come back here again if the opportunity presented itself!

Il Pino

I wish I had taken more pictures at this restaurant, but it was so romantic and I was focused on being in the moment on my honeymoon. Il Pino was certainly a highlight during our stay in Praiano.

Situated just above the ocean in the Hotel Il Pino, this enchanting location is enough to make anyone forget about the stresses of everyday life. Its romantic candlelit dinner ambiance and panoramic views were as beautiful as you could imagine. Intimate, Il Pino offered something for large groups and couples alike. We made a reservation earlier that day and upon waiting for a table to clear we were welcomed with a bubbly glass of prosecco. Italy made me love prosecco. It was so refreshing to start a meal off with.

Once we were seated we were delighted to learn many items on their menu could be made gluten-free. We ordered a bottle of red wine, zucchini parmesan, fresh pasta with porcini mushrooms, crispy bacon and goat cheese, in addition to Maccaroni with napolitan ragù.

There are multiple romantic dining options in Praiano that we didn’t have time to get to, but with close proximity to the ocean and the romantic setting, Il Pino was a pleasure!

Cafe Mirante

Okay, Cafe Mirante isn’t a restaurant per se, however, this secluded beach bar is a must-stop for an afternoon cocktail and snack in Praiano. The location is the perfect destination for those going to and from the beach below. From the main road at the church, it is about 500 steps down to the Gavitella Beach Club and the free, public One Fire Beach. On your way, you’ll pass by Cafe Mirante.

With sweeping ocean views, including Positano, Cafe Mirante is a must-stop. Its upbeat music and coastal breeze draw you in immediately. Ciro, the owner/bartender, welcomes you with the best seat in the house, potato chips, nuts, and bruschetta with fresh tomatoes and herbs picked from the cafe’s garden. Cocktails were around 12-14 euros, but worth every penny. We visited twice and tried the Pina Colada, Prosecco, and a spicy lemony cocktail. All of the cocktails are made with fresh herbs and spices picked right in front of you.

If We Had More Time

If we had more time, we would have also stopped into the list of restaurants below as my research discovered some gluten-free dining options available.

  • Il Pirata
  • Bar del Sol
  • La Moressa
  • Franchino
  • Da Alfonso al Mare (reservation only)
  • Ristorante Next2 (Positano)

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