When in Rome, do as the Romans do. And boy, Romans love to eat! The city of Rome is a mecca for culinary wonders. From original pastries and pasta dishes to literally the best pizza you’ll ever put in your mouth, Rome will gladly awaken your taste buds.

When on the search for gluten-free restaurants in Rome, Italy, be sure to keep your eye out for the country’s gluten-free symbol, AiC (Italian Celiac Association), as restaurants with this label have been certified as gluten-free.

Voglia di Pizza

This pizza cafe deserves to be highlighted first. Hands down, this was the best pizza we had on our trip to Italy. Known for their “fancy gluten-free pizza” Voglia di Pizza delivered just that.

Situated near the Campo de Fiori market in the center of Rome, Voglia di Pizza is next to one-of-a-kind shops and restaurants. Voglia di Pizza sits on a corner and offers both indoor and outdoor dining. We chose outdoor dining to experience the liveliness and buzz of the Roman streets during lunchtime.

Once we were seated, we took one glance at the menu and were so excited to dive into some of their famous gluten-free Roman pizza and an ice-cold beer. We had been walking around all morning visiting sites like the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill, so we worked up quite the appetite. I ordered a gluten-free pizza topped with mushrooms, artichokes, and sausage and my husband chose spicy salami. The prices were reasonable, around 11 euros for a gluten-free pizza. We’ve paid upwards of $20 in Colorado for a gluten-free pie with 2-3 toppings, so it was great to get such amazing pizza for a reasonable price.

The atmosphere in this idyllic location impressed us even further as a violinist serenaded us as we dined. Nearby there were street vendors and stores with expensive watches and fancy clothing to visit before or after a meal at Voglia, as well as cafes to immerse you in Italian culture. We stopped and had a cappuccino an almost 100-year-old tabacchi, called Marziali Caffe, just down the cobbled streets from Voglia. You could easily spend an entire morning or afternoon in this area as it has so much to offer.

Mama Eats

A gluten-free staple located in the Trastevere district of Rome, this quaint little restaurant offers up delicious gluten-free dining options. We stayed in the Trastevere district during our two-day visit, so since it was within close proximity to our Airbnb, we made sure to stop in here. Mama Eat also has locations in Milan and Naples.

All dishes at Mama Eat can be made gluten and lactose-free, as they have two kitchens and two ovens to dedicate to these food allergies. We didn’t make a reservation and were able to be seated immediately with a window table looking out over the whimsical streets of Trastevere. We started with a bottle of Chianti Classico and since having dined for apertivo prior to Mama Eat, we jumped right into our pasta order. I requested the Cacio e Pepe (this dish and truffle were my go-tos when visiting Italy) and my husband ordered the Bolognese. Both were delicious! I wish I had a larger stomach so I could’ve enjoyed more things on their menu, but nonetheless, we called it a night after our bottle of wine was finished.

Fiocco di Neve

Gelato in Italy is a must and Fiocco di Neve did not disappoint. We stopped in here after walking around Rome in the evening after our dinner at La Soffitta Renovatio. We walked all across the city center visiting some of the top attractions such as the Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, the River Tiber, Castel Sant’Angelo and absolutely loved what Rome had to offer during the evening hours. The street vibes were lively, but you didn’t get the insane traffic, hustle and bustle feel that you did during the touristy daytime hours.

Stopping into this gelateria, we were pleased to see a sign stating 100% of Fiocco di Neve’s ingredients are gluten-free. Immediately I saw the assortment of gelato flavors and decorative cones on top of the counter. I don’t remember the last time I ate a waffle cone, so instantly I knew this would be an experience I would never forget. Their waffle cones also come in chocolate-dipped varieties, so I opted for the chocolate and pistachio. The gelato flavors available were endless and you could not go wrong in what you decide to choose. Oreo, Hazelnut, and Salted Caramel was my choice. I nearly squealed when the employee behind the counter said that the oreo gelato was gluten-free. The picture above says it all, I was in love, and afterward, extremely full! I don’t remember the last time I ate so much ice cream, but it was so worth it,

La Soffitta Renovatio

Every single dish in this basement restaurant can be made gluten-free. Located near the Vatican, we walked there after people watching in the Piazza San Pietro. The possibilities are endless with menu options from fried foods and pasta to their famous pizza. We were excited to mix up our dinner choice and opt for their fried cuisine and pasta for dinner. If we had more time we would’ve devoured their pizza because every pizza it came out from the kitchen it looked scrumptious!

Flavor-wise, the fried selections were lacking, however, it was great to experience some classic Italian recipes made gluten-free for my benefit. We started with the Suppli (fried rice balls) and Fiore di Zucca (fried zucchini flowers with anchovies). Now I had never had either of these dishes before coming to Italy but I thought the Suppli could’ve used a marinara sauce for dipping because else they’re just a little dry. As a culinary enthusiast, I was ecstatic to try zucchini flowers and the anchovies included didn’t scare me, so I bit right in. They were tasty, but I wished for a thinner frying batter to better taste the filling and anchovies within. It seemed like all I tasted was the batter.

Dinner followed with gluten-free cheese and spinach ravioli in a butter sage sauce and classic ravioli with bolognese. My gluten-free ravioli was rich and buttery, but the sage was a fresh aromatic addition to the dish. My husband is a sucker for anything Italian, so he was in heaven with his classic ravioli entree.

After completing our entrees, we inquired about their dessert options. They have an entire fridge/freezer dedicated to gluten-free sweet treats. Sadly, another restaurant on our trip that was out of the tiramisu, but the waiter ushered me over to the fridge to personally choose from their selection. We landed on a dessert that was presented like it was out of a five-star dining experience. My best description of it is a chocolate and pistachio ice cream cake. Absolutely divine!

Rome has so much to offer when it comes to gluten-free restaurants, but with the little time we had to experience in Rome, these were our must go to’s! If you have the opportunity to spend more time here, be sure to visit the Pandali Bakery. Ciao Bella!

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